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200 years of love for metal

Family business Slabinck NV has a steel-solid reputation. For more than two centuries, the family has nurtured its love of metal. The company began as a wagon-building business and grew into ‘Carrosserie Slabinck Gebroeders’, making a name for itself for four generations. In 1989, the fifth generation of the Slabinck family took over, and Luc and Brigitte changed course. Since then, Slabinck nv has specialised in the supply of sheet material and products for metal and sheet metal working companies. In 2014, the sixth generation joined the family business. Anthony Slabinck is now responsible for the location in Skopje, Macedonia. In 2019, Slabinck nv decided to market its own finished product in the form of tile displays. This is not just a step into the unknown, because by bringing in new technical sales representative Yves Dhoore, Slabinck nv is also gaining 15 years of experience in the display sector. Both experiences combined should lead to the delivery of a high quality product at a very competitive price.

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Global Shipping

Our locations in Belgium and Macedonia allow us to serve the tile display market both in Belgium and internationally.
Our in-house shipping service with 5 lorries provides the weekly connection between our two locations and is therefore perfectly suited for the import and export of the displays.

Best price/quality

As supplier to a variety of industrial companies, we are not dependent on one sector and can purchase metal in large quantities, and therefore at very attractive prices. In 2014, in addition to Bruges (Belgium), a second location was established in Skopje, Macedonia. Given Macedonia’s low labour costs and the fact that we have all the necessary metal and woodworking machinery, we can offer high-quality finished products at a very competitive price.