Box Presentation C-STORE Box GRH 250-120

The C-store Box GRH 250-120 is a box presentation consisting of a C-store metal tube frame in which 1 or 2 floor panels, 2 types of wall panels and 1 finished back panel can be presented.
Thanks to its design and layout, this box presentation can be filled in various ways, ranging from a complete atmosphere to a didactic presentation or the combination of both.
In this way, this concept enables you to combine collections on a limited surface complemented by images and several elaborate panels and, thanks to the Metro wall tile holders, small tiles can be presented in a playful way.
This is a suitable presentation for ceramic tiles, natural stone, parquet, vinyl or cork, and with the optional ceiling with integrated LED lighting, you bring the products to life even more.
This presentation is part of the C-store series and can easily be combined with other presentations in this series.
The exterior sides of this box presentation can also be optionally equipped with finishing panels or panels for tiling.
The exterior finish is powder-coated steel.

  • Steel C-store frame with
    • 1 floor panel 250×120 cm
      • or
    • 1 floor panel 160×120 cm + floor panel 90×120 cm
    • 1 wall panel 100×250 cm
    • 1 wall panel 160×250 cm
    • 1 wall panel with integrated rail system
    • 3 types of Metro Wall tile holders of your choice
  • Interchangeable panels
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl and cork as well as didactic panels
  • Ceiling with 4 directional LED spot lights (optional)
  • Panels on outside of box (optional)
  • Additional tile holders on request (optional)
  • Dimensions: H 268 x W 264 x D 129 cm