Box Presentation INSPIRE BOX SAN

The Box Presentation INSPIRE BOX SAN is a solid tile box for 1 floor panel and 3 wall panels for ceramic tile, natural stone, parquet, vinyl or cork.
With its solid wood construction and metal edge profiles, this type of tile box is ideally suited for the combination of tiles and bathroom furniture, for example, to create true bathroom atmospheres.
The closed construction enables you to create a personally designed cosy corner.
The wall panels are quickly interchangeable by means of a suspension system but can also still be tiled on site.
Thanks to the various sizes available, there is a suitable model for every room and desired atmosphere.
The ambient experience is further enhanced thanks to the optional ceiling with LED spotlights that create a warm experience box.
The exterior finish is powder-coated steel.

  • Solid wood construction finished with metal edge profiles
  • Highly suited for bathroom furniture
  • including 1 floor panel and 3 wall panels
  • Hanging system for wall panels
  • exterior finishing panels (optional)
  • Ceiling with LED spot lights (optional)
  • Available dimensions:
    • 180x120x240 cm
    • 180x180x240 cm
    • 240x120x240 cm