Combination display FUTURE collection v1

The FUTURE collection v1 display is a Combined display that combines 3 things and is mainly used for ceramic tiles.
On the one hand, there is the box display with accompanying integrated pull-out frames for 6 260x101cm tile panels and on the other hand, there is the drawer display with 19 metal drawers for 103×46 cm panels with a carousel on top for 2 mosaic panels.
This display is designed to be built into standard store shelves for DIY stores and others, and nicely summarize everything in a single layout.
Thanks to its height, both ordinary tiles and large sized tiles can be presented in it.
The exterior finish is a combination of powder-coated steel and high-quality wood.

  • 6 metal extension frames for 260x101cm tile panels
  • 19 metal drawers size 103×46 cm
  • Mosaic spinning display stand for 2 118×30 cm panels
  • Box layout consisting of:
    • floor panel 143×92 cm, wall panel 271×92 cm, back panel 271×90 cm
  • Including LED lighting
  • Including wood finish
  • Built-in unit for store shelving
  • Dimensions: H 289 x W 265 x D 104 cm