Drawer display DELTA 5 240 RE


The Delta 5 240 RE is an upright drawer display with 5 large metal drawers that pull out on 1 side.
By using 240×120 cm tile boards, every tile is shown to its best advantage, whether it is ceramic tile, ceramic parquet, vinyl or cork.
Its very low height has the advantage of keeping the showroom open and airy, despite its large surface area.
Due to its maximum height of 61 cm, the upper surface is almost always laid out as a full floor surface, thus providing an additional reference.
This type of cabinet can be attached to the display case or placed against the wall, optionally in combination with a matching atmospheric photo or even back to back, which in turn results in an upper surface available for tiling measuring approximately 250×250 cm.
The specially self-developed rail ensures smooth drawer guidance and an extension length of 110 cm.
The exterior finish is a combination of powder-coated steel and high-quality wood.

  • 5 metal drawers for 240×120 cm tile panels
  • 1 metal upper frame for tile panel
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl and cork
  • Tabletop available with carpeting (optional)
  • Dimensions: H 61 x W 261 x D 132 cm

The superstructure suitable for type Delta 3 and 5 240 RE can be used for didactic panels / photo panels connected to the upper surface of the display.
With the superstructure, the clear line of the drawer display is continued vertically against a wall/partition or freestanding in the space.
The exterior finish is powder-coated steel.

Extra options:

  • Superstructure for 250×100 cm didactic panel
  • Dimensions: H 104 x W 261 x D 4 cm