Drawer display EVOLU 10 240 RE


The Evolu 10 240 RE is an upright drawer display with 10 metal drawers that pull out on 1 side and are designed for 240×120 cm tile boards.
This type of cabinet can be placed against a wall or built-in. These cabinets use heavy-duty rails that ensure smooth and stable guidance and are suitable for ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl and cork. Despite the number of drawers and the higher installation of the rails, the cabinet height is still limited to 94 cm, without sacrificing product visibility.
As a top finish, you can choose between normal wood finish or carpet/recycled rubber.
The exterior finish is a combination of powder-coated steel and high-quality wood.

  • 10 metal drawers for 240×120 cm tile panels
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl and cork
  • Tabletop available with carpeting (optional)
  • Dimensions: H 94 x W 254 x D 130 cm