Floor frame K 180×120


The Floor Frame K 180×120 is a frame composed of 4 profiles that can be quickly connected and, due to its low height, is only suitable for materials up to 12 mm thick, such as ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl and cork.
With their angled form, these frames easily lend themselves to walkways central in aisles or open spaces in which individual tiles are laid without having to tile on the existing floor.
These floor frames can be laid on any substrates.
A variety of frames are available so that each product can be properly displayed.
The finish is in aluminum and can be powder coated in a desired color.

  • Steel floor frame with angled profile
  • Inside thickness 13 mm for individual tiles
  • Suitable for Ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl and cork
  • Interior dimensions:
    • 120×120 cm
    • 180×120 cm
    • 180×180 cm
    • 240×120 cm
    • 240×120 cm

Other dimensions on request