Library C-store Metro Wall

The C-store Metro Wall is a library cabinet and mood board/collage presentation in 1 and features various expansion options in the form of hook-in profiles.
The various hooking profiles, which can exhibit a very wide range of tiles in various ways, find their way into a wooden backing plate designed for this purpose with a single hooking system already incorporated.
This system is already widely used in shop designs in various industries and is therefore very uniform.
The base plate is manufactured from a high-quality black plastic and is provided with grooves at 45° in the depth on one hand and 2 continuous grooves in the longitudinal direction.
An overview of some of these hooking profiles can be found here.
If you have your own ideas about hooking profiles, please let us know.
The C-store Metro Wall is manufactured as a single module with a width of 99 cm and can be expanded to up to 4 modules.
The exterior finish is powder-coated steel.

  • Steel C-store frame with flexible store layout system
  • Back wall in 90 cm modules with integrated rail system
  • For a wide range of tile holders for small tile sizes
  • Click here for an overview of Metro Wall tile holders
  • Base plate in plastic with grooves in 2 directions
  • Can also be used as a mood board presentation
  • Dimensions single module: H 268 x W 99 x D 65 cm
  • Dimension 2x module: H 268 x W 194 x D 65 cm
  • Dimensions 3x module: H 268 x W 289 x D 65 cm
  • Dimensions 4x module: H 268 x W 384 x D 65 cm