Library CUBE 2 mosaics


The CUBE 2 mosaics is a display that is part of the library cabinets range, more specifically the CUBE series, which consists mainly of modular cabinets.
Modular cabinets are a series of cabinets made at the same height that can be formed together into an island or wall arrangement because the widths and depths are matched.
The CUBE 2 mosaics include 2 groove drawers for up to 24 40×40 cm tile boards each, whether for mosaic or cement tiles or other small ceramic tile sizes.
The display is also very widely used for kitchen tiles and also finds its way into architectural designs.
By using telescopic slides, the depth of the cabinet is maximised and the drawers can be pulled fully open for a complete view of the products.
The exterior finish is in high-quality wood.

  • Modular display with 2 groove drawers
  • 8 grooves length 120 cm per drawer
  • Maximum 48 40×40 cm tile boards
  • Dimensions: H 110 x W 133 x D 67 cm