Library CUBE 22 60 RD


The CUBE 24 60 RD is a display that is part of the library cabinets range, more specifically the CUBE series, which consists mainly of modular cabinets.
The CUBE 24 60 RD is a cartography cabinet in which 2 x 11 60×60 cm ceramic tiles are presented horizontally on 2 sides and is therefore used quite often as a stand-alone display.
Due to the simple holder system, outdoor tiles 2 cm thick can also be included in this display.
As an additional option, the top can be fitted with grooves.
The exterior finish is in high-quality wood.

  • Modular display for 11+11 60×60 cm tiles
  • Cabinet top with grooves (optional)
  • Dimensions: H 110 x W 69 x D 73 cm