Outside Display OUTDOOR frame LB9


The Outdoor frame LB9 is an angled vertical presentation wall with a useful presentation surface of 190×190 cm with 2 additional movable intermediate crosspieces.
The intermediate crosspieces enable you to divide the presentation surface into up to 3 horizontal surfaces, which increases the number of terrace tiles and can also be quickly replaced.
If you would prefer to use 1 type of terrace tile, you will have the entire surface at your disposal.
The Outdoor frame LB9 can be made in either a galvanised or an outdoor quality powder coated version.
This display is an ideal addition to your outdoor display area for your ornamental pavement, patio tiles, concrete products and more.
The additional signing option gives just that extra something that makes your presentation come to life even more.

  • Angled presentation frame for outdoor materials
  • Useful presentation surface 190×190 cm
  • 2 adjustable horizontal crosspieces for subdivisions into 60 cm
  • Expansion for signing (optional)
  • Dimensions: H 194 x W 199 x D 65 cm