Wall cabinet JOTA 25 201 Lux


The JOTA 25 201 Lux is a large wall cabinet with 24 metal pull-out frames and 1 fixed central frame for 201×101 cm tile boards that can be covered with ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl or cork.
The slanted construction in depth and the division of this display into 2 x 12 pull-out frames make it easier to view several panels at once.
The removable front panel enables you to switch the tile boards efficiently, and the handle makes it easy to operate the pull-out frames.
The exterior finish on the front and sides is equipped with wooden panels and can always be equipped with additional atmospheric images or tiles.
Due to the vertical presentation of tiles, this display requires good lighting and is therefore equipped with a lighting canopy with 4 directional LED spot lights, the colour warmth of which can be selected.
As standard, the colour warmth is set to 4000 K (Kelvin), which is closer to daylight.

  • 12+12 metal pull-out frames for 24 tile panels measuring 201×101 cm
  • 1 central 201×101 cm tile panel
  • Removable front for easy panel changing
  • Front equipped with metal handle
  • Including lighting canopy with 4 directional LED spot lights
  • Finishing panels possible on back and sides (optional)
  • Dimensions: H 238 x W 433 x D 119 cm