Wall cabinet KAPPA 20 201


The Kappa 20 201 wall cabinet is a compact fan cabinet with 10 metal fans for 20 tile boards measuring 201×101 cm (2 panels per fan) that can be covered with ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl, cork or natural stone products.
Increasingly, communication or didactic panels are being used, which can also be presented here.
The fans, also called folding panels, have a removable front to enable you to efficiently replace the tile panels.
Due to the vertical presentation of tiles, this display requires good lighting and is therefore equipped with a lighting canopy with 2 directional LED spot lights, the colour warmth of which can be selected.
As standard, the colour warmth is set to 4000 K (Kelvin), which is closer to daylight.

  • 10 metal fan frames for 20 201×101 cm tile panels
  • Removable front for easy panel changing
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl and cork
  • Including lighting canopy with 2 directional LED spot lights
  • Dimensions: H 238 x W 161 x D 116 cm