Wall cabinet ZETA 5 240


The Zeta 5 240 is a built-in wall cabinet with 5 metal pull-out frames for a total of 10 240×120 cm tile panels, focusing on large format ceramic tiles and parquet.
Each pull-out frame contains 2 tile boards and is individually supported by a specially designed heavy-duty rail so that the tile planks float above the ground.
With this type of system, the floor finish in the showroom plays no role at all, as there is no contact with the substrate and therefore smooth operation is always guaranteed.
The removable front panel enables you to switch the tile boards efficiently, and the handle makes it easy to operate the pull-out frames.
This type of cabinet is often used in combination with cabinet presentations, as they offer a complementary assortment to 1 type of tile laid out in the box.

  • 5 metal extension frames for 10 240×120 cm tiles
  • Equipped with heavy duty telescopic rails up to 200 kg
  • Removable front with metal handle
  • Plastic clamps for clamping various thicknesses
  • Built-in unit
  • Wood finish available (optional)
  • Dimensions: H 266 x W 82 x D 126 cm