Drawer Display SIGMA 180


The Sigma 180 is a type of drawer display in which 8 sliding boards for 180×120 cm tile boards move from left to right.
With this form of presentation, you can always present at least 2 complete tile panels at once, whether ceramic tile, parquet, vinyl or cork.
With this cabinet, we opted to incorporate 2 bottom surfaces, bringing the number of references to 10 and thus offering even more choice to your customers.
The bottom surfaces are designed in such a way that, together with the rest of the display, they form a single unit and prevent people from stepping into them.
The cupboard is mainly placed against a wall but can also be placed centrally due to the wood finish on the back.
The exterior finish is powder-coated steel.

  • 8 metal sliding boards for 180×120 cm tile panels
  • 2 bases for 180×120 cm tile panels
  • Including 10 cover frames
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles, parquet, vinyl and cork
  • Dimensions: H 126 x W 372 x D 148 cm